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Our Belknap location is temporarily closed due to flooding.
The Belknap staff is currently working at our Lake Worth location.

If you are wanting to speak to someone from the Belknap office, they may be reached at our Lake Worth office, 817-237-3222 or our call center, 817-222-9900.

We also have other office locations in the metroplex area!

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Teeth Whitening
Fort Worth, TX

Before and after photo of teeth whitening treatment from HomeTown DentalPearly white teeth do more than just look good, they give you the confidence to smile, laugh, and talk at your absolute best. Here at HomeTown Dental at Belknap, our professional teeth whitening services offer you the safest and most effective treatment at the best price, erasing years of discoloration so that your teeth can be even brighter than they were before.

How Do Teeth Get Stained & Discolored?

No matter how diligently you brush your teeth, no matter what kind of special toothpaste you use, stains and discolorations will still happen as a part of normal, everyday life. Even so, some things are more prone to staining teeth, so avoiding them can help reduce the need for whitening. Drinking coffee, tea, and soda all contributes to discolored teeth, as do colored foods and smoking.

Types of Stains

There are two types of stains, extrinsic stains and intrinsic stains. Extrinsic stains are easy to erase since they are limited to the surface of the teeth You can usually get rid of extrinsic stains at home with a safe, effective whitening toothpaste recommended by the American Dental Association. Intrinsic stains are made of tougher stuff, though, as they come from the inside of the teeth. Removing these stains can only be done with the kind of deep cleansing treatments that our dental experts are trained in.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Teeth whitening is a very safe treatment that we have been doing for years. Its safety and efficacy are backed up by a number of peer-reviewed studies. Today, even tooth sensitivity is an uncommon side effect thanks to the cutting-edge technology we employ. But this guarantee of safety only applies to whitening done in a professional dental setting. At-home methods and kits do not come with this guarantee. Some kits have been reported to bleach and even burn the gums. Charcoal whitening is a very popular choice, but it is abrasive enough that it does not just remove stains, but enamel too. No matter what option you decide to go with, always look for the ADA’s official Seal of Acceptance so you know that you are getting the best.

What You Can Expect During A Whitening Treatment

Whitening is one of the most asked-for cosmetic treatments that we offer. Unlike the whitening treatments that you can buy at many retail stores and do at home, our dentists are very careful to preserve the general health of your teeth by saving the outer enamel of your teeth. Performed by professionals, our treatments are safer, faster, more effective, and last much longer. Plus, you do not have to worry about wearing trays or if the over-the-counter treatment you bought is ADA recommended.

Get the Pearly Whites You Have Always Dreamed of Today!

You do not have to keep worrying about yellow or discolored teeth every time you laugh or pose for a picture. Our team also offers other cosmetic services including dental veneers, dental bonding and more! If professional whitening interests you and you would like to learn more about this safe and effective treatment, then give HomeTown Dental at Belknap a call at 682-204-5735 today!
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Here at HomeTown Dental at Belknap, our professional teeth whitening services offer you the safest and most effective treatment. Give us a call today!
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