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Porcelain Crowns

Rendering of jaw with dental crownCrowns are one of the simplest and most common restorative procedures that we offer at HomeTown Dental at Belknap. Used to fix a wide range of dental problems, a crown is also one of the easiest ways to restore your smile to its old gleam. There are many different types of crowns available depending on your unique oral health needs.

What Are Crowns?

A crown is a lot like what it sounds like - a cap that goes on top of a tooth. In fact, the outside of a tooth is actually called a “crown,” and it is this exterior that dental crowns are designed to cover. Crowns are not made to cover the root of the natural tooth, just the exterior. Some crowns cover the entire exterior, while others only partially cover it. Crowns are built to be permanent, so when we make our crowns we ensure that they are sturdy enough to stand up to all the things teeth have to deal with, from chewing to biting.

This means that we design every crown as a bespoke piece specifically for the contours of your mouth and your healthcare requirements. This process usually takes about two to three weeks, so while your crown is being made we will give you a temporary crown. We are committed to ensuring that every crown we make fits invisibly alongside your natural teeth while giving your whole smile an upgrade.

What Types of Crowns Are There?

Crowns can be made from many different materials, and there is a material out there for every budget and health need. We will work closely with you to decide which crown is best for you, looking at how visible the crown is while smiling, which tooth needs the crown, and how much you would like to spend. Composite resin is an affordable option but wears down faster. Porcelain and ceramic are often chosen by our patients as they look the most like natural teeth and can be combined with metal for the ultimate in durability. Until your permanent crown is completed, we will give you a temporary stainless steel crown to protect the exposed root.

Is a Crown Right For You?

A crown might be applied for a number of reasons. Anytime a tooth is damaged, whether it is decayed, eroded, or cracked, a crown can help protect or hold together the remaining natural tooth. You might also get a crown as part of another restorative treatment, such as a dental bridge or root canal therapy.

What You Can Expect When Getting a Crown

Typically, the procedure for a crown will entail two appointments. During the first we will perform an examination to determine that the affected tooth can support a crown. If it can, we will prepare it for a crown, and if it cannot we will give it a filling. Then it will be a two to three week wait until your permanent crown is done and we can place it.

Give Your Teeth the Royal Treatment Today

Your teeth help you smile, eat, talk, and live your best life - so do they not deserve the royal treatment? If you are interested in pampering your teeth, or just have further questions about crowns, then give HomeTown Dental at Belknap a call today at 682-204-5735!
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