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Periodontal Maintenance

Diagram of the gums with periodontal disease.While you often hear about getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist, you do not often hear about how not all dental cleanings are the same. Periodontal maintenance is a specialized type of cleaning that focuses on the gums. HomeTown Dental at Belknap offers periodontal maintenance as part of our holistic approach to oral health.

The Importance of Periodontal Maintenance

Cavities are not the only thing you need to worry about. Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a serious condition that if left untreated can cause the loss of teeth, erode the bone, and even contribute to diabetes and heart disease. Preventing development or stopping the further spread of bacteria around the gums is a crucial part of having a healthy smile. Regular teeth cleanings do not target the gums like periodontal maintenance does, so it is important to make sure your gums are getting attention too. Our dental professionals are trained to notice hard-to-spot buildups of tartar and plaque that resist even the most diligent of brushing and flossing.

Should You Get Periodontal Maintenance or Regular Cleaning?

Periodontal maintenance is typically only necessary if we have detected gum disease, or if you are recovering from gum disease. If you have already had gum disease, it may have left gaps between the teeth and gums where bacteria can lurk, beyond the reach of traditional cleanings. Recurring periodontal maintenance is necessary in these cases to eradicate these deep pockets of bacteria. Periodontal maintenance does not just help keep your gums healthy by cleaning them of plaque and tartar. It also improves the aesthetics of your smile and noticeably freshens your breath so that you can grin with confidence.

What You Can Expect During Periodontal Maintenance

Typically, periodontal maintenance is not too different from a regular cleaning and can often be scheduled during a normal visit. If we are performing periodontal maintenance because we have detected severe gum disease, then the session may be scheduled for longer. We will perform a deep clean above and beneath the gumline using special tools. If you experienced any discomfort, we may place an antibiotic or antimicrobial cream on your gums to encourage recovery. If it seems like you have a more advanced spread of gum disease, then we may also order x-rays to examine where periodontal maintenance should be performed again in the future.

How Often Should You Get Periodontal Maintenance?

Because periodontal maintenance is usually prescribed as part of an anti-gum disease regimen rather than a standard part of care like regular cleanings, every patient’s needs will be unique to them. Typically though, we recommend that periodontal maintenance be performed once every three to six months, or somewhat more often than regular cleanings. This way, we can keep a close eye on the progress of any gum disease and clean it before it has the chance to spread.

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