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Our Belknap location is temporarily closed due to flooding.
The Belknap staff is currently working at our Lake Worth location.

If you are wanting to speak to someone from the Belknap office, they may be reached at our Lake Worth office, 817-237-3222 or our call center, 817-222-9900.

We also have other office locations in the metroplex area!

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Periodontal Care
Fort Worth, TX

Diagram of periodontitis and health tooth at HomeTown Dental at Belknap in Fort Worth, TXPeople think that all dentists care about is teeth, but we are actually concerned with the entirety of your oral health. One of the most important parts of robust oral health is ensuring the long-term health of your gums. This is known as periodontal care and is an essential part of preventive dentistry because without healthy gums you cannot have healthy teeth. At HomeTown Dental at Belknap, periodontal care is fully integrated into our holistic approach toward oral health, so you can be assured that you are always getting the best.

Recognizing Periodontal Disease

Your gums are what keep all your teeth anchored in your mouth. Neglecting gum health can be even worse than neglecting your teeth themselves - in fact, more people lose teeth due to gum disease than from cavities. Unfortunately, gum disease can be hard to protect against because it is usually completely painless until it spreads to dangerous levels. Without regular dental exams, most people will never even realize that they have gum disease. Still, there are some signs that you can be on the lookout for, including gums that bleed when you brush them or use floss, bad breath that you cannot get rid of, a receding gumline, teeth that are loose or have spaces between them, and any general discomfort or tenderness.

How We Treat Periodontal Disease

We take gum disease seriously, so every time you come in for an exam or cleaning (which should be once every six months!) we will also take the time to do a deep, thorough cleanse of your gums. If it has been a while since you have come in for an exam and there is a significant build-up of plaque, cleaning could end up taking an additional visit. If the gum disease has spread, more significant interventions may be required. This might involve surgery by our dental professionals to remove deep plaque, or a bone and tissue graft to replace bone and gum tissue that disease has eaten away. Every patient is unique, so we will work closely with you to determine a treatment that caters to your particular oral health needs, budget, and schedule.

How You Can Help Prevent Periodontal Disease

The best way to prevent gum disease is to practice good oral hygiene by following the American Dental Association’s official recommendations. This means brushing twice a day every day with fluoride toothpaste and not forgetting to floss. Flossing helps remove food and build-up between the teeth that brushing cannot always get. Without flossing, that build-up can eventually infect your gums and lead to gum disease. Even brushing and flossing regularly is not enough though - gum disease can often only be caught with routine exams and cleanings, so make sure you never miss an appointment.

Protect Your Gums Today

Gum health is oral health. Without strong and healthy gums, your teeth cannot be strong and healthy too. For more information on how we provide full-service periodontal care, or if you have any questions, call HomeTown Dental at Belknap today at 682-204-5735 and discover what we can do for you.
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At HomeTown Dental, periodontal care is fully integrated into our holistic approach toward oral health, so you can be assured that you are always getting the best. Call today!
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