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Our Belknap location is temporarily closed due to flooding.
The Belknap staff is currently working at our Lake Worth location.

If you are wanting to speak to someone from the Belknap office, they may be reached at our Lake Worth office, 817-237-3222 or our call center, 817-222-9900.

We also have other office locations in the metroplex area!

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Digital X-ray
Fort Worth, TX

Dentist holding a digital x-ray at HomeTown Dental at Belknap in Fort Worth, TXDigital radiography is the cutting-edge of medical x-ray technology. HomeTown Dental at Belknap is proud to offer digital radiography procedures to our patients so you can get the best for your teeth.

What Is Digital Radiography?

X-rays are one of the most crucial tools in our preventive dentistry toolbox. We use them during both routine exams and delicate surgeries, and they give us the chance to see things that the naked eye never could - things like hard-to-spot gum disease and other oral health hazards. We’re always working to innovate and make x-rays safer, and digital radiography is one of the most advanced alternatives to traditional dental x-rays.

Unlike traditional x-rays, which use film, digital radiography uses digital sensors connected to powerful computers. This results in significantly less radiation - up to 90% less, in fact! Digital x-rays also give us an incredibly detailed look at your teeth, bone structures, and the inside of your mouth. There are many different types of digital x-rays, including radiographs that can be taken both inside and outside the mouth.

How You Can Prepare For a Digital Radiographic Procedure

Luckily, digital radiography is very simple and straightforward, so there’s not much you need to do beforehand. Keep in mind that glasses and facial jewelry (like large earrings or a nose piercing) will need to be removed. If you’re a new patient or have had any recent dental or oral procedures elsewhere, we’ll also need a complete, up-to-date history of your dental records. Make sure you’re well acquainted with your dental history so that you can answer any questions we might have for you before the x-ray itself.

What You Can Expect During a Digital Radiographic Procedure

One nice thing about digital radiography that you can look forward to is a shorter appointment. You don’t have to wait for the film to be developed because the digital sensor instantaneously sends images to the computer. Depending on whether the radiograph that we’ll be taking is inside or outside of the mouth, you may have to bite down on a digital sensor inside of your mouth. For some patients this can be uncomfortable, so be sure to let us know so we can adapt to your needs.

Is Digital Radiography the Right Choice For You?

Traditional dental x-rays are still a powerful and effective option, so how do you know if digital radiography is a good choice for you? Digital radiography can be more expensive, and some types of digital sensors can be larger than some patients are comfortable with. While the amount of radiation from traditional x-rays is still quite low, digital radiography is a good choice for anyone sensitive to radiation, including children, pregnant women, and women who are breastfeeding.

Get the Best Today

At HomeTown Dental at Belknap, we pride ourselves on bringing you the widest and most advanced array of dental options. Digital radiography is just one of the many modern innovations available at our office, so give us a call today at 682-204-5735 and discover how we can help you!
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Digital X-ray - Dentist Fort Worth, TX - Hometown Dental - Belknap
Digital radiography is the cutting-edge of medical x-ray technology. HomeTown Dental at Belknap is proud to offer digital radiography procedures to our patients. Call us today!
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